This campaign sparked when me and my family fail to get the chance to meet our town's MP,  to share our list of thoughts and ideas during a supposedly scheduled  ‘meet the residents’ session. As I shared on how upset I was to not be able to voice out my suggestions to someone with the power to change in Singapore, I realise that most of my friends felt the same.

So I decided to start this initiative as a crowdsource campaign (not backed by any company or electorial party) to invite people to not just critiscise our government but to come up with suggestions on the things they would fight for if they ran for elections. Through a platform that they are most comfortable with; either their own social media feeds (twitter, instagram, facebok etc) or through this website -  they have the choice to be anonymous or be identified. 

The aim is to make #ifiwereminister as a ‘collective thought library’ that hopefully ministers and ‘ministers-to-be’ could view  and get inspired on the causes the public feel for and hopefully these ideas would be noted and be fought for by those with power in their hands.